Prípad : Thule


Customer: Thule Group

Location: Sweden

Completed: 2020

Architect: BSV Arkitekter & Ingenjörer AB Värnamo

Number of workstations: 170

A workplace in constant motion

When Thule Group was to expand its office in Hillerstorp, they contacted Kinnarps to help them create an active environment with an “on the go” feel. The company’s products for an active life would be reflected in the employees and workplace through standing areas for meetings, flexible furnishings and creative spaces. Important for creating the right atmosphere was using functional and varied furnishings to easily change both the environment and the working position.  The four elements were keywords for the interior design and choice of colour.

"We are delighted with everything! I felt a strong commitment from Kinnarps to create the calm working environment and creative landscapes that we were looking for. They thought outside the box and created a wide variety of inspiring spaces."

Karl-Johan Magnusson, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Thule Group

Creative meeting spaces

Different meetings require different environments. Creative zones with pouffes and stools mixed with conference rooms and standing areas offer a great number of options. 

Quick stand-up meetings

Wall-hung furnishings where you can put things down invite you to short and effective meetings between colleagues and customers.

Flexible splash of colour

The Fendo chair from Skandiform gives meeting rooms a modern appearance and is easy to move around to accommodate a varying number of participants.

Creative space with room for ideas

Kinnarps’ Nexus table has been equipped with a glass top for writing to facilitate creative, active meetings. Here it is easy to display and discuss new concepts. 

Ergonomic chair for long meetings

The auditorium has been furnished with the Kinnarps' Leia chair. The ergonomic shell chair relieves strain on the body and is comfortable to sit in even for long periods of time. As these chairs are stackable and linkable, they are easy to rearrange and put away as needed.

A natural meeting place

In the auditorium, they wanted to create a feeling of forest through ribbed ash, also serving as sound absorbers, and a green wall-to-wall carpet. The chairs are easy to stack and come in a warm colour that gives the room for 80 people a calming feel.

"We use all surfaces and furniture as intended and have a creative environment to work in."

Karl-Johan Magnusson, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Thule Group

Thules Group’s new offices were based on the four elements and are a creative working environment with flexible meeting forms. The employees’ passion for creating products for an active life is reflected in the workplace, which today gives a feeling of being in constant motion.

A dining area for everyone

The light, open dining room feels like a restaurant with its modern, minimalistic design. A mix of chairs, sofas and stools makes it easy to find your favourite place and take a relaxing break from your working day.